Courses & Workshops

ADHD & Autism Support Harrow provides a variety of courses and workshops suitable for families affected by ADHD & ASD.

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"WhyTry" in Life and Building Resilience in Young People

We are delighted to have been chosen to host a Resilience and “WhyTry” event by Hans Magleby of the “WhyTry” Team who have flown in from the USA to present workshops for professionals and parents on building resilience and the ” WhyTry” programme.

As our young people today face lives with significant challenges, resilience is a key quality that can carry them through difficult times towards great personal success.

Please join us for an exciting and interactive afternoon as the team from “WhyTry” build on their acclaimed evidence based program and explore the 4 sources of resilience and outline the skills that we can teach to raise the resilience of our students and youth.

The workshop will be held in The Good News Church, Chicheley Road, Harrow Weald from 12.00pm till 2.30pm on Wednesday 3rd December. It is most suited to professionals or people working with young people with ADHD but parents are welcome to attend.

For further information and to download a booking form, please click here.

Regular Courses

Supporting Carers of Autism through Training (SCATT)

Are you a parent/carer of a child or adolescent with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and have not attended a SCATT course before? SCATT courses are an excellent source of information for those new to ASD or for those requiring a little more in-depth knowledge. Babysitting can be provided free of charge for Harrow residents. Babysitting can be provided for out of Borough residents but will have to be paid for by the family.

The course is held three times per year. It costs £20.00 for individuals, £30 for a couple. A creche will be provided free of charge for Harrow residents, however a deposit will be required to secure a place.

The course will run for 7 weeks and will cover the following topics:

• Introduction

• Background to Autism

• Communication

• Behaviour Management

• Sensory Impairment

• Autism & The Family

• Parenting Tips

The next course will start on Tuesday 20th January and will be an evening course, 7pm till 9pm. The course is currently full but if you want to be added to the waiting list, please contact Lynne Laverty on 020 8901 8009 or

Living with ADHD & Autism

This supportive 10 week course is designed to help parents deal with the challenging behaviour brought on by the conditions of ADHD/ASD and other co-morbid conditions.

The course focuses on building self-esteem and how to communicate effectively with your children, as well as dealing with feelings (theirs and ours). Setting limits and boundaries and dealing with anger are also covered. The condition of ADHD is looked at and explored and parents/carers are given an opportunity to work on difficult issues in a safe a non judgemental environment.

The course is also run three times per year and lasts for 10 weeks. It costs £40.00 for members (£50.00 per couple for members). A creche will be provided free of charge for Harrow residents, however a deposit will be required to secure a place.

The next course will start in January and will be an daytime course from 10am till 12pm. For more information, or to book, please contact Therese Glynn on 020 8901 8009 or

123 Magic - Managing Difficult Behaviour

A three session programme to teach you effective and well researched ways to better manage misbehaviour in children 3-12 years. This course is designed to help parents and carers to:

• Increase knowledge about what works in managing difficult behaviour and what doesn’t

• Lessen feelings of frustration

• Get better results with less effort and stress when dealing with conflict

There are no dates set currently for 123 Magic but should you wish to be notified of the next course, please contact Therese on 020 8901 8009 or be added to the waiting list.

CALMS Training

CALMS is a new course for young people in Year 8, 9 or 10. It will help them find new ways to have a positive experience of living with ADHD. Being hyperactive is not necessarily a bad thing, it's great to have lots of energy and this course can show you how to channel that energy in a good way.

The course runs for 6 weeks. No dates are currently set but for further details and to express an interest please contact Therese Glynn on 020 8901 8009 or